User Guide

User Notice
  • In case of less than minimum number of participants, tour may be cancelled. In such a case, we will send you an email.
  • Those who have applied for the tour in the undecided state will be notified via email as soon as the tour is confirmed.
  • Please settle the payment in advance.
  • Regarding to cancellation of the tour, we will notice guests by e-mail;
    14 days before for guests of the tour with accommodation.
    4 days before for guests of all one day tour.
  • Please note that all Car specifications will be different, such as number and size of seat, and other facilities.
  • Smoking is prohibited in the all our Car.
  • Please note that itinerary and time schedule are subject to change depending on weather or road conditions.
  • Please see follows “User Guide” about other details.
  • The travel business agreement (Agent-Organized Collective Tour) applies.
  • There is no refund if guest is not able to board in time for departure.
  • In some cases, the tours might be suddenly cancelled in the morning or 1 day before departure due to weather or other circumstances.
  • The decision on whether the tour should be proceeded will be made on the day of departure, subjected to the weather and operating conditions.
  • In case the tour is cancelled, we will refund the tour fee later.
    Please contact your credit Card company to find out when you get a refund.
  • We will adhere to the original itinerary which includes transportation, routes, sightseeing and accommodations.
    However, alternative facilities and transportation or even tour cancellation may occur due to some unexpected circumstances.
  • We are not held responsible for compensations or refund due to late arrival, shortened stays and transportation costs in case of missing the last train.
User Guide
Step 1 Pick up the tour

Please find and pick up your favorite tour. There are various attractive Kyushu tour available!

Step 2 Apply for the tour

Try to apply online for the tour from this site. The tour application is accepted until 12:00 pm (Japan time) one day before.
We will inform you notice about the tour by e-mail, please enter your e-mail address correctly when you apply the tour.

Step 3 Pay for the tour

Please settle payment by credit Card when you apply the tour.
Total amount will be displayed on application screen when you enter the number of participants.

Step 4 Let’s go!

Please well check meeting place and meeting time of the tour on website.
Please appear at least 15 minute before from departure time.

Please settle payment by credit Card (online) when you apply the tour.
Cash is not accepted.
Cancellation Policy
Please check the tour pages in details as each tour has different cancellation policies.

In case of cancellation the tour after applying, tour fee will be refunded through credit Card company or system of electronic money.
Tour fee will be refunded under the terms of the credit Card agreement; your credit Card statement may not immediately reflected the refund.
In the event of a refund through a credit Card, or electronic money, exchange rates applied to the amount billed for the tour fee may differ from those at refund.
Please ask your credit Card company for all others detail agreements, such as exact date of payment or refund, handling charge, and foreign rate.

  • 1 baggage is allowed per person in a Car when you depart.
  • Please keep well your personal belongings and valuables by yourself.
  • We; Sunny Crew, Car company, hotels, and restaurant take NO responsibility for lost or damage of guests baggage, personal belongings and valuables.
  • Driver may provide help as service for guests when loading/unloading baggage. However driver has NO responsibility for keeping storage them.
  • Also please note that minor handling (scratch, cut, dent, dirt) is not responsible for normal handling.
  • Items such as pets, musical instruments, bicycles (including folding), valuables, precision equipment, and dangerous goods cannot be stored trunk and cabin of the Car regardless of the number, size, or weight.
Changing meeting/dropping point
Request of changing meeting or dropping point, please inform me at least 3 days before from departure day by e-mail.
The request will be not acceptable on the tour day.
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※Please make sure that you correctly pressing our phone number

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